I Get By With a Little Help From…

… Betty White (and my friends; this is not Betty White, apparently. My mind is blown. I have always thought it was).

You know how sometimes it’s fun to teach your kids things that are kind of off the beaten path? Yeah, at some point in time when Baby Gray was learning animal sounds and such, I decided (without prior approval from Mr. Gray) that since a rabbit doesn’t really have a sound, we’d go with Rapper’s Delight as our answer. Thanks, Betty White (who is actually Ellen Albertini Dow). My kid is hilarious now. And confusing. There are still a few sheltered people out there who have no idea what he’s talking about when he answers. Watch The Wedding Singer, people.

What does that have to do with Fashion Friday? We acquired a pair of rabbit ears somewhere along the way this week, so we’ve had lots of rabbit conversations. Which ultimately leads to make asking, “What do rabbits do?” just so I can get a good laugh. Thanks, Betty White.

Ears 2

Speaking of animals, after making some trips to the rodeo, Baby Gray decided he needed a black vest, a black helmet, and a sheep. We’re 1/3 of the way there!

Vest 2

We had our usual array of headwear, too!

ZZ Top
Ice Chest

Along with a bit of science: suction at its finest!


I love when he dresses himself to go out in public.

Wrong Feet

Plus, another adventure into growing up: undies! We held our Underwear Choosing Ceremony at Target in hopes that it would spark some interest, but not so much.



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