A Fairy Tale

I commented a week or so ago that Baby Gray would likely not go to kindergarten sleeping with his paci. He only had (notice that’s in past tense!) it in his bed, and so I wasn’t bothered by it.

Early this week, though, we got a call from the Paci Fairy. She needed some pacis for new babies, and she was willing to trade toys for pacifiers. She gave a few simple steps for us to follow in case Baby Gray thought he was ready for an exchange.

  1. Spend some time talking about the swap and make sure Baby Gray knew he wouldn’t get the paci back if he took the Paci Fairy up on her offer.
  2. Tell the Paci Fairy what toy he would like to trade his paci for. His choice.
  3. Send the paci via balloon to the Paci Fairy. In exchange, she’d send a balloon down with his toy of choice.

He talked about it for a couple of days, and when we thought he was ready, we bought a balloon. He helped tie the paci on and everything! He kept saying, “I’m so excited!”

Paci Fairy
Paci Fairy 2

We thought for a minute the paci was going to be too heavy, but with a slight slip of the hand, off it went!

Paci Fairy 3

We made our way to the front door (where the Paci Fairy was going to make her drop) to see what she left.

Paci Fairy 4

Whoa! Thomas! Just like he asked for, except that it wasn’t Thomas, it was Edward, and he noticed immediately.

Paci Fairy 5

Paci Fairy 6

We rocked, read, and got tucked in with the new train, and then some tears came. He was upset, but not in a bad way. He cried for a bit, then laid, down, covered himself up, and went right to sleep.

Paci Fairy 7

He slept the whole night with nary a peep!


  1. What a cute idea!!

    How old is your little one? Ours is about to turn two and he is only allowed his paci at nap and bedtime. But I'm dreading the time when we take that away haha…

  2. He is 2 1/2. We started the only nap and bed time thing really early with plans to transition away from the paci completely soon after, and we just never did. He has done really well with it.

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