My Bonnie Has Tu-Berculosis

It’s no secret I don’t love WalMart.

The problem comes when I find things I feel compelled to buy in WalMart. I’m a sucker for cute packaging. It gets me every time. So, sometimes, like last week, when we’re in WalMart for a specific project for church and we wind up on the hair aisle looking for hairspray for Mal, I end up buying things. I found Not Your Mother’s Hair Powder that was shrouded in just enough mystique I couldn’t leave without it.

Hair Powder

The packaging was cute enough, but when I picked the bottle up, it felt totally empty.

Hair Powder Back

They were nice enough to tell me it should feel empty, but then we went ahead and opened it to check the contents–just in case. Sure enough, a fine white powder sprinkled out of nowhere, and I knew it needed to come home with me. We had big plans for before and after photos church-bathroom-style, but we got wrapped up in our actual project and that didn’t happen (oh, productivity). 

As purchases like that go, I forgot about it for a day or two. When I finally got around to trying it, I decided to give it a shot on dirty hair that had been in a ponytail all day with no flat iron or curling iron in sight. I’m not sure I gave the product a fair trial.

Regardless, here’s my plain Jane grey hair before: 
Dandruff, anyone? 
And after: 
Whoops, I missed a spot! 
I did fix my hair a little while later (for date night–woohoo!), and it did pretty well. Annnnd, the powder was much less stinky than the two dry shampoos I sometimes use. I guess mostly it just wasn’t what I expected. It made my hair feel kind of tacky, and I hadn’t anticipated that (I probably should have, considering it did that to Mal’s hand when we sampled it in the store).
Oh, about that title, when we were little, Papa always sang “bad” versions of songs to aggravate Grammie. That one was to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. I can’t think of tuberculosis without singing it. Nice, huh? 

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