Back to Center

Sometimes I start to feel like we’re always running, running, running.


I have to “come back to center,” so to speak and get focused on the scriptures that are so much a part of who I want to be in Christ. This morning, as I browsed things I had written when I was feeling similarly in the past, I couldn’t help but notice how much they still reflect my heart. I strive to be more like the Proverbs 31 woman as a wife, mother, and Christ-follower. I want my heart to reflect that attitude and for it to be visible from the outside as well. I want it to be so far in my core that it is who I am.

Earlier this week, I was reading about Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42), and I have really been praying and focusing on being Mary. I want to be at the feet of Jesus–or my husband or son–rather than being so caught up in the details. This is tough for me. This is also new; it’s something God has been revealing in the last seven days or so. I have been in prayer that I can be caught up in Jesus.

For a little more on how I’m feeling today; from the archives:
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