Always, Never the Same

Sometimes it’s vacation time, and we plan something completely different than anything we’ve done before. It’s a tiny risk, but it usually has a great return.

Other times, it’s an annual work trip, and we plan things almost exactly the same. Similar hotel, same dinner reservations where I’ll enjoy the same filet mignon, the same salad, and the same sides. Very little risk, but also a great return. It’s good every year, so we keep doing it.

Last year we mixed it up a little with a carriage ride. Risky! 

How do we determine when to mix it up, though? When is time to take a risk, and when is it time to hang tight and keep doin’ what we’re doin’? Isn’t this the way we live our lives, too? Sometimes we stay where we are; sometimes we mix it up. Why? How do we know? How do we keep from getting in a rut?

For me, it’s all about balance. If we did everything exactly the same all the time, life would be boring. If we never repeated anything good, life would only be a guessing game. I like a little of both. Sometimes it’s fun to return to things that are good. Other times, it’s fun to try something that might be good. As a matter of fact, some of our best memories are from times that might have been good–but weren’t! Sushi in a napkin at a new place, anyone?

Still, other times, it’s a clear call from God. It might come in a song, a message from a friend, or a conversation with Mr. Gray, but when it is clearly from Him, it’s time to follow.

Risk. Change. Chances. They all allow growth and return in our lives. What’s worth a risk today? 


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