Do Not Disturb

These Fashion Friday compilations were much funnier when I had my phone on me more often.  I’ve got to find a way to not miss photos, but not be on my phone (will power, anyone?) because I feel like I’m missing out on Baby Gray’s hilarity.

Elmo in Boots

Mostly, the phone itself (read: camera) isn’t the problem. It’s me working while I’m on the phone and one thing leading to another, to another, and on and on. If it weren’t an issue, it wouldn’t have been part of my goals for the year.


My emails no longer push through, but I still manually check them, just to make sure there’s nothing I need to do (I want to make sure I’m on top of things, and prompt, but at what cost?) right then. I’m thinking I might go the “Do Not Distrub” route since iOS has been so nice to equip us with that function. Then I still have quick access to the camera, but it blocks me from working until nap time.

Super H

I know it sounds silly, but it seriously becomes a downward spiral of “what can I do now?” I don’t want Baby Gray to remember me as working all the time. I want him to remember that we played, laughed, loved, and learned. I want him to know that my time at home with him is valuable to me. I want him to be my priority when we are together. I want to be intentional, present, and engaged. I want to slow down and savor every minute of this sweet time. He won’t be two forever.

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