Jolly Ol’ Saint Nicholas

Once we made it through all the illness and played a little catch up, it was time for a visit to the North Pole. 

Baby Gray has not been a fan of Santa in the past. I feared this visit would not be any different. I had a meeting that morning, and Baby Gray stayed with a friend. She gave him a candy “came” to take to Santa (pretty sure this turned out to be the game changer). 

When we arrived at North Star, all Baby Gray could talk about was taking the candy “came” to the jolly ol’ guy. We walked into the mall, but Santa wasn’t in his usual wing. We followed the signs, and Mr. Claus was there waiting on us. Baby Gray walked right up. I couldn’t believe it. 

He sat on Santa’s lap, took a picture or four and delivered the candy “came” as he planned. It was great! 

Santa 2012

I told him he could get a cookie if he took a photo (I might have wanted one for myself), and he told all the people working that we were off to get a cookie. They joked with him about bringing them one, so we did. He loved taking the cookies back to them and giving them away! 

Words can’t even describe how much fun the whole experience was. He was so proud, so brave. I loved his confident walk. I love the generous little boy he is growing into.

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