More than Ordinary

Sometimes the everyday, ordinary can become truly extraordinary. 

Ping Pong

Yesterday when I was cleaning out the garage, I found a package of ping pong balls and gave them to Baby Gray to play with. He enjoys throwing, bouncing, hitting, catching, pretty much anything you can do with any type of ball. He thought they were pretty neat. 

A little while later, we finished a roll of paper towels. I usually give him the empty roll. He asked for it and off he went. 

Not long after, I showed him that the ping pong balls fit in the paper towel roll. That took it up a whole ‘nother level! We played for a good thirty minutes with the ping pong balls, the paper towel roll, a cup, and the drawer to his desk. We tried all sorts of things. It was a great learning experience for him, but it was also a great reminder to me that sometimes ordinary things can become extraordinary.

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