Here’s To Mr. Gray; With Love

Since this sweet husband of mine shares a birthday with Veteran’s Day (those Grays have a thing for National holidays–birthdays around here fall on Pearl Harbor Day, Veteran’s Day, and Labor Day), I’ve decided we’d honor him today as well. We’re doing a bit of a home birthday celebration this evening since we went out last night to celebrate. 

As we prayed last night, I realized that even in my wildest sixteen year old dreams, I could have never imagined the husband he’d be and the man he’d become. 

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Mr. Gray works so hard to provide for our family. He loves his job, works hard, and then comes home to enjoy time with us. He is truly the spiritual leader of our family, and I am so blessed to be led by someone with a heart such as his. This man is such an incredible role model for our son, and he is invested in Baby Gray’s development–both intellectually and spiritually.


I am so in awe of this husband God has blessed me with and the family we are. I am excited to share many more years together! Happy birthday, my love.

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