Phone it In

This weekend, we headed to Austin to celebrate Such and DD’s birthdays. While Baby Gray was exploring their home, he located an old flip phone they had been meaning to recycle. 

Now, don’t ask me how he knew this was a “real” phone instead of one of the zillion toy cell phones he has laying around the house, but he knew. He took over the phone along with an old keyboard for the duration of our afternoon. He was workin on som-fin, he said. 


Such and DD sent him home with the phone, and he’s been pretty glued to it ever since. The lesson learned: he’s watching everything we do. He has used this prehistoric flip phone to watch Thomas, take pictures, set his timer, and most convicting, put me off when I asked him to do something by telling me he is just finishing up work. 


Wow. Yes, I work from home. I can quickly and efficiently do a lot of my work from my phone. I should never be putting my work in front of his needs, though. The reason I work from home is to put him first. I’ll be changing my work habits, I believe. 


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  1. Bhahahaha! This is too funny! My 16 month old knows a fake phone from a real phone too and totally knows what to do with it! I'm glad we aren't alone in this "boat"! 🙂

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