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This is over-due, both in print and in my mind. When I set my mind to do things, I have a hard time letting go of that. This summer, I decided I’d try my hand at another half marathon. I honestly didn’t know after the last one if I’d ever run another. I just needed that first one to prove to myself that I could. So, deciding I’d run another was a big deal. 


I set up my training calendar and started out. I wasn’t feeling it. I felt like I was taking time away from Baby Gray by having him in the stroller. It wasn’t a foreign feeling, I remember it from my last training session, but it was different. He is older now; he knows what we’re doing. He enjoys going, but not for as long as my training runs take me. 

Run Schedule

On top of that, we’re in a crazy season of life. Seasons of life are sometimes unpredictable. We might plan for things, but we definitely are not in control. Such is life in our house right now. So, when I’m taking Baby Gray’s time for other things, I’m just not lovin’ the idea of taking it for running as well. 


Bottom line: when life got crazy, I didn’t feel the need to continue to be disciplined and try to train. I have run, walked, ridden my bike, and tried to get back on track with working out to be fit and healthy, but training for a half marathon just isn’t in the cards for our family right now. I have to own that and be okay with it. I have to remember that doing what’s best for our family isn’t necessarily failing.


  1. Absolutely, love. You are so right. For everything there is a season, as they say, and maybe this season is for snuggling Baby Gray and the season for half marathon running will come!

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