Doctor Love

Our little guy had his two year well-check yesterday. He did fabulous! He talked the doctor’s ear off, rearranged the office, and pretty much thought he ran the appointment.


Somewhere in the midst, Dr. Miller and her fabulous nurse were actually able to get his vitals, height, weight, head measurement, and do his developmental testing. Everything was great–he’s exactly 36 inches, which is the 84th-percentile. Wow! The three-foot mark! He weighs 32 pounds, 3 ounces, which is the 87th-percentile.

He got a flu shot with a Taz band-aid, but he pulled that sucker off long before I could catch my usual photo. 

He did awesome on his developmental stuff, and Dr. Miller suggested piano lessons as soon as he was ready. He loves the pi-hippo, so I’m sure we can pull that off one of these days.

The only downside was his scrape on his nose was starting to look as though it might get infected, so she gave him an antibiotic to be on the safe side. At least we were already headed to the doctor when that happened!

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