A Little Snazz

There is a bit of a back story to some of this crazy-jammer-wearing, and I promise it’s coming soon. For now, just think it’s as funny as I do. 



Yes, they are backwards, and yes, the feet are cut out. I promise. Soon. Also, yes, those are my shoes. We won’t tell him when he’s a teenager.

This kid and his frog shoes. Oh, how he loves them–even half a pair at a time. 


What? You don’t wear your Home Depot shirt three sizes too large with mismatched shorts and your boots? Why wouldn’t you? And why, under any circumstances would you stand still enough for a photo of such a great combination?


And, of course, you must top it all off with a cap. 


He does clean up nicely, though, when it’s time to get a little snazzy for a ninety-first birthday party. 


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