We Ran Off to the Circus

I have some very fond memories of going to the circus growing up. I remember the rainbow snow cone in an elephant cup with a yellow handle. I remember the stuffed elephant I got the time I went with Grammie and Papa. I’m pretty sure those were two separate circus trips–the cup was behind Walmart in my hometown, and the elephant was in Waco with Grammie and Papa. 
When the circus came to San Antonio last week, I jumped on the opportunity to get tickets. We loaded up Ella Bella and Baby Gray and headed that way! 
Circus 6
All Baby Gray talked about the entire time leading up to the circus was seeing elephants. I’m so glad some elephants were in the opening, or we might have been in for a long evening. 
Circus 5
Circus 4
His face lit up when he saw the elephants, “Yay, elephants!” he kept shouting.
Circus 3
He and Ella Bella had a good time, and they did great even when it got late. 
Circus 2
Mal had never been to the circus, so I’m glad she got to go, too. I was so surprised to see my little stuffed elephant on banners when we walked in the door. The show has changed tremendously, what with the lights and all, but that little elephant I remember is still a part of the circus. The snow cones (I didn’t have one) were the same, too–rainbow striped in a souvenir cup. Maybe the more things change the more they stay the same afterall. 
Circus 1

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