All’s Well That Ends Well

The last day of swim lessons is a fun day. The kids wear their life jackets and play with balls, noodles, or their choice of water toys. They get their certificates for completing the class and get a popsicle (last year it was a water toy, but a surprise of some sort) before saying farewell to swim lessons for the year. 
Sounds easy enough, right? 
Should’ve been. First, I realized as we walked into the pool that I forgot Baby Gray’s dry clothes to wear home. Oh well, I thought, I have the diaper he has on; he’ll just wear that. Good thinking, Mom
I got the boy all sunscreen-ed up and strapped on his floatation device before letting him jump in the pool. It took about ten seconds to realize that the dry diaper I was planning on him wearing home was on him–I forgot to change him into his swim diaper! 
Luckily, I got it off him before it ballooned up, but it was wet. I got him changed so he could play and tried to figure out how I was going to get him home without a nasty carseat as a result. When the lesson was almost over, I remembered I had his backpack in the car.
We got off unscathed, but not without a little mama-sweat.

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