The Sixth Year in the Sixth Month

Today is our sixth anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been six years since our perfect wedding day!


I was thinking about our wedding presents to each other this morning as I put on the diamond necklace Mr. Gray gave me (I didn’t just wear it because it’s our anniversary; I wear it often). I got him a TV. I couldn’t help but think of how different our priorities are now. 

Most days, I would throw our TV in the trash can if I could get away with it. Then, when we were 20 and 21, it was something that symbolized time together. We still have that TV; it’s in our bedroom, where the only person who watches it is Baby Gray on occasion while we get ready. It reminds me of how far we’ve come. 

That’s the thing about getting married when you’re young. You get a chance to grow and learn together. You get to shape each other’s lives. We have been at least four different people together: teenagers, college students, young married adults, and parents–that’s not counting all the small changes that come within those.  

God provided an amazing man for me to spend my life with. I’m happy to grow and change many more times with him by my side. 

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