Slumber Party Like it’s 1999

It’s really refreshing to reconnect with old friends. I’m not talking friends who are old–I’m talking friends who’ve been around a while–we’re over a quarter of a century now! Crazy! 
LC’s beach bash was this weekend, and she likened it to a fifth grade slumber party. I’d say that was about right. We went to the beach, played in the pool, surfed, played board games, and ate (and ate, and ate). We’re a bunch of big kids. It was a blast! 
LC, B, and I headed to the beach Friday afternoon before Ness and Auntie Heather got there. The water was awesome, and we were pumped about renting surf boards for Saturday. 
So, that’s what we did. Saturday morning, we got the boards and headed to the water.
We did the beach thing until it was time to eat again. I managed to order a calzone that could have fed the entire table, and pretty much everyone else did the same (although not necessarily a calzone). We did a lot of sharing and needed some to-go boxes. 
We headed back to the pool for the afternoon and discussed the science linking one’s height to the buoyancy of a noodle. Nerds. Yeah, we’re really cool. 
We had a great dinner overlooking the water before heading back to the condo for some dance lessons and laughs. 
By the way, if anyone needs an all-time guesser for Pictionary, I’m your gal. Draw-er? Not so much. Too bad I don’t have a photo of that “dog” to share.

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