Berry Cute

Between our tomato plants, Nonna and Pops’ tomato plants, and all the strawberries Baby Gray eats, we have had an abundance of produce around here lately. Our usual fruit bowl isn’t conducive to tomatoes (the bananas squish them), so the back of my mind thought we might need an alternative at some point. 

Enter the summer section at Target. 



They had these adorable berry baskets in multiple colors. Mr. Gray picked green for ours, and I have to say, I love them! I had to fight the urge not to buy another set yesterday. They nest, so they will store easily when we’re not using them daily. 

After I rinse the produce in a vinegar solution, I let them drain (in their baskets) and then I can display the tomatoes on the counter and refrigerate the berries. 

Perfect on all accounts! Plus, the green will be fitting for Christmas displays.

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