A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, I judged all the moms who dressed their kids in t-shirts with characters on them. I just knew those poor children’s brains must be rotting out from the hours of television they were consuming. Not my child, I pledged. He won’t even know who those characters are! 

Once upon a time, I was completely delusional. My child calls almost every character we see in the grocery store line (you know, the impulse buys) by name. Some of them, I am certain he has never seen on television–he rarely even watches television! I have no idea how he knows. 

Once upon a time, my son was happy as a clam when his Annie brought him Lightning McQueen, Thomas, and Elmo jammers. He knew all their names. He hugged them and played with them for hours. He finally relinquished a set so they could be washed to wear to sleep.

Elmo Jammers

Mom gave up on that no character idea, and he lived happily ever after. 

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