That’s a Bust

Mr. Gray and I were in and out throughout the weekend, so Sunday afternoon, we wanted to treat Baby Gray to some family fun. We remembered that Peter Piper Pizza had recently opened in New Braunfels, so we decided to try it out. 

Baby Gray was excited about pipa and game on the way over. He waited patiently while we ate, but referenced pay-ing often.

Finally, it was time to play! We headed to the mechanical horse, which he was quite fond of from the ground. He even liked sitting on it when it was still. He did not, however, enjoy riding it when it was moving.

Horse Ride


The best part of the whole horse ride was the end, right after the video stopped. In a meek, quiet little voice, he said, “Yaaaay,” as it was time to get off. Poor baby. 

We didn’t stop there, though, we rode the safari truck, the hotdog truck, and the airplane. 


Hot Dog


He did like the basketball game, though. 


Peter Piper shares a parking lot with Home Po, and Baby Gray tried to make a break for it when he saw. 


Next time, maybe we’ll just take a family trip to Home Depot for some fun. Whatever we do, it won’t be Peter Piper.

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