Wonderfully Made

Am I good enough? Am I making the right decisions? Am I ruining my child? Am I thin enough?

Wonder Woman

I read quite a few blogs. Most of them are written by women. Many of them share a feeling of not being adequate in some place in their life–parenting, marriage, cooking, organization, crafting, and on and on. I hate this for these women. I hate that they don’t feel good enough in their skin to be who they are. I hate that they feel they have to be good at everything to be good for anything. I want these women to be encouraged.

You have value and worth in your Creator. He created you specifically, for a purpose. You and your spouse have a purpose; you are a partnership ordained by Him to work for Him. He gave you your children for a purpose. Work within Him and His worth for you–it’s infinitely more than you can imagine.

As a friend, it is important to me that my friends feel their value and worth; that they know they are valuable to me, but, more importantly, to the Lord. I want to be a friend who is encouraging and speaks life. I pray that the women in my life can overcome any feelings of inadequacy or mediocrity and become great in the Lord. 

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,  
I know that full well. 
Psalm 139:14

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