Whoa-oa, It’s Magic!

Squeaky door? Jammed window? Stuck drawer? Pulled a price tag off and have adhesive residue? Unwanted Sharpie on a smooth surface? Black scuff marks on tile?


I use WD40 for all sorts of things. 

Obviously, there’s the squeaky-door-stuck-window-type dilemma that everyone thinks of WD40 for. 
But, there’s so much more! In the case of Sharpie (probably crayon, too), I just spray a little–a very little–on a paper towel and then wipe over what I’m trying to get off. It’s pretty much instant. When working with vases, glassware, etc. sometimes the price tag sticks and leaves a funky residue. Wipe it down with WD40, and it’s gone!

WD40 can be sprayed on pretty much any smooth surface and remove what’s on it. Magic potion, anyone? 

Not a paid advertisement. I just use WD40 for tons of things and thought others might like to as well.

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