Numb Green Thumb

Aside from our beginner’s luck with gardening, every year has been a new adventure in what can go wrong with your garden

This year, we thought we had all our ducks in a row, and we started off strong. Baby Gray has enjoyed a fresh strawberry or two, and I cooked a few dishes with fresh spinach. 


It wasn’t long after I had picked the spinach that things turned sour in the ol’ garden. The next time I went out to water, the remaining spinach had been eaten up by bugs. The following day, the squash and zucchini was looking a little sad–I discovered grub worms had munched on them! A few days later, we had a tomato plant getting eaten up by something.

We were able to treat and salvage some of the plants, but I’m beginning to think we’re better off supporting our local farmer’s market.

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