I’ve Got a Lunch

I get asked all the time what Baby Gray and I do for lunch. Usually, I fix him something and then eat what I want during his nap. He usually wants fruit and cheese along with pasta of some sort, and I add vegetables in there somewhere. 

The problem with toddler time frames is you don’t always have the time it takes to make pasta when they ask for it. I’ve found a few quick-cook solutions that work for us. HEB makes frozen cheese tortellini and ravioli that both take only three minutes in boiling water. These are always a hit (The bonus? They come in pretty big bags for fairly cheap). I can put anything with those and he loves it. Another favorite around here is ramen noodles. I just throw the seasoning packet away (it’s got more sodium than I really want to give him) and use olive oil, sauce, or cheese to make whatever pasta Baby Gray wants. 


I usually break it up before I put it in the boiling water so it’s more manageable for him. He can usually make a couple of meals out of one package.

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