If I Had It To Do All Over

Weddings are a big deal. Not as big as the actual marriage, obviously, but a pretty big deal nonetheless. We love going to weddings and being part of new marriages. We pray many blessings upon the couple and enjoy celebrating with friends. 

Anytime we go to a wedding, people ask what, if anything, we would have done differently about our wedding. Our answer is always unanimously the same: we would have waited to leave for our honeymoon until Monday. 

What? Why? I can hear the questions now. We still would have headed to the Airport Hilton and hung out in our hotel room together, but we would have slept Sunday away and rested up for Cabo rather than embarking on our honeymoon first thing Sunday morning and sleeping when we got there. 

Take it. Leave it. That’s our honeymoon suggestion.

Congratulations to the DeJongs! We had a great time! 

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  1. That's what we did — left for Hawaii on Monday — and it was awesome. The Sunday after our wedding was very nice and relaxing. We met what family/friends were still in town for brunch, and then we opened presents together (just the two of us) in the afternoon.

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