Clean Enough

Our home is tidy. It’s not germ free or cleantastic. I mean, it’s not a biohazard or anything like that, but sometimes I tend to let stuff linger for lack of cleaning supplies that work properly while not making me feel like I want to rip my sinus cavities right out of my head. 

At best, I’m a short-cut cleaner. The majority of my cleaning is done on towel washing day. I dust with hand towels I’m taking to the washer as I walk. I give the shower a good once-over with the washcloths I’m gathering to wash, and I usually do the same with the sinks. 

I tend to ignore things like this disaster of a back door, though. 

Door Before


Even though Rooster is in a crate now (after the ultimate escape three days in a row) and shouldn’t have the opportunity to act out in his separation anxiety any longer, it’s more time than I want to spend cleaning. Terrible, I know. It was bad, y’all. The mud was caked on, layer after layer. I mop several times a week, and the floor still looks like that at the door.

There’s good news, though. You can be a short-cut cleaner like me and not have a crazy disgusting door. I used Shaklee Scour Off Paste, and it took me about ten minutes to get this clean. I have tried multiple times with other cleaners and quit before I ever got it clean.

Door After

The door is still ruined, but it’s clean! 

Door After Close

I actually ordered the Scour Off Paste for Baby Gray’s bathtub. It worked wonders in there! I was in the cleaning zone, and I failed to get a before of Baby Gray’s tub, the stove top, our shower, or Mr. Gray’s sink.

I ordered the Basic H2 concentrate as well. I’ve got all those mixed up, and I’ve used them several times. The best part (for me, anyway) is that it doesn’t smell! I wish I had taken a photo of the trashcan with all the half-used cleaning products in it. I’m sold.

Disclaimer: If you order through my links, I could benefit. However, I am not posting on behalf of Shaklee or their corporation; I did not receive compensation or products for this post.


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