What’s Black and White and Cute All Over?

Baby Gray has his first ring bearer gig coming up this June. Mr. Gray and I have been devising a plan for how we can get him to cooperate in terms of actually making his way down the aisle. We think we’re going to be pretty successful!

I have also been getting super excited about how cute he is going to be in his wedding duds. I wasn’t exactly sure what the happy couple had in mind, but I knew it would be cute! Yesterday, I headed to Sam’s to get some things for church. As I walked down the center aisle, some little boys’ formal wear caught my eye. I called DD to see what they were thinking as far as Baby Gray’s attire. Come to find out, they had just looked at tuxes and such, and to rent a tux for Baby Gray was going to cost the same as renting an adult tux! To purchase it was seventy-five dollars. Seriously? The ones at Sam’s were in the $25.00 to $35.00 range. Much better! 

I went through all the suits and tuxes they had available (they had a surprisingly good selection), sent photos to DD of the ones I thought might work, and checked to make sure they had the size we needed in the ones we might want. 
After DD and I decided on the perfect one, I noticed it didn’t have pants. I found another set, it didn’t have a bow tie. I took all the mismatched pieces to the register with me where they were kind enough to let me mix and match all the pieces to make a complete tux!

Baby Gray and I headed home with it! I can’t wait to see him all dressed up–he’s going to be such a looker!

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