Life As We Knew It

I don’t think I realized when I set out to run a half marathon that it would be such a change for our entire family unit. It wasn’t just about me getting out and logging the miles. Baby Gray would go from spending about an hour a week in the jogger to spending about an hour a day strapped in tight. He would have to eat breakfast in our bedroom while I shower and get dressed after a run (see photo, but excuse Mr. Gray’s closet). Mr. Gray and I would miss family time many evenings so I could hit the pavement when it was too cold or wet to have Baby Gray out before Mr. Gray got home. Saturday mornings would no longer family be PJ time; I get up at daylight to get back and do family breakfast after my long runs. My running quit being part of the fringe benefits and took center stage over the past six weeks. 
Run Life

It’s been an interesting transformation. I like that my day now focuses on when I will get a run in. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the fact that the first words out of my son’s mouth each morning are waffle and stroller. He knows. I get him up, we get a clean diaper, and grab him a waffle for the road–PJs and all! Granted, he doesn’t dislike this routine, I’m just not sure I love that he eats breakfast in his stroller each morning.

After Sunday, our focus can move to a more balanced approach. Running will continue, but not with such urgency. Once the six-week mark approached, I got pretty nervous about being ready. I am ready, though. I’m still slow, but I’ve got endurance. I can finish. I can even finish before they start packing everything up–I’m not that slow! 13.1, here I come!

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