Clearly Defined

I’ve mentioned my tendency to dive in head first on crafty projects before. Crafty I can do. Artsy is sometimes another story entirely. Saturday was one of those days. I had a cute idea for a gift, but I couldn’t quite pull the card off on my own. 
Thank goodness my knight in painted armor was home!
Me: (Cutting scraps of bags and paper to print part of the card on and sulking because I’m out of rubber cement) Sorry for being all over the top about this gift. I just want it to be cute. 
Mr. Gray: This is over the top? This is how you always do gifts. 

I’m glad we had that talk.
I showed him the shape I needed him to draw for my idea to come to life. 

Source: via Mrs. on Pinterest

It seriously took him about 25 seconds to do it–symmetry and all! Then, to add the final touches, he painted the edges for some definition.


Just to clarify, he painted the edges over a scrap piece so that he could create a fine line as the outline–genius! I always marvel at all his tips and tricks.
At least I’m not over the top alone.

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