Proper Disposal

At the end of The Color Run, my shoes looked a little rough. 


I asked Mr. Gray if I could rinse them off in the sink, and he suggested a bucket. The story gets a little fuzzy here; I’m pretty sure he just offered the bucket as another idea. He’s pretty sure he offered fair warning that the sink was not a good idea and directed me to use the bucket instead. I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of either side. I can only present the facts that happened after. 

I washed my shoes in the sink. The kitchen sink was my choice because it has a garbage disposal, which could easily be used to wash the mud on down the drain. 

This did not turn out to be the best solution. After attempting to solve the problem myself, I sent the following text to my husband: 


Nice, huh?

When Mr. Gray came home from work, he had his work cut out for him. 


Luckily, my husband is honorable. He didn’t say I told you so or make any ugly remarks; he didn’t even make me feel bad about all the yuck he dug out of the disposal after its disassembly. 


He fixed the sink, and he even washed my shoes. He’s a keeper!

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