Bend Until You Break

I’m a rule follower. Really. So, of course, prior to having Baby Gray, I had all these rules set up for how we would do this and that. For the big issues, we’re true to our convictions as parents. We discipline consistently and scaffold Baby Gray so that he knows right from wrong. 

Sometimes, though, things just aren’t that big of a deal. They’re not always worth being so rigid about. Even for me, the rule follower. Take this photo, for example. 


This is actually the second time Baby Gray put that bowl on his head. I missed it the first time, so I asked him to put it back. He happily obliged. Now, is this how I want him to eat all the time? No. I loved that he was being creative, though. I like his ability to think outside the box! So I went with it. No one was hurt, nothing was even spilled.

I love those moments that make me sit back, laugh with my son, and remind me to enjoy the little things.

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