A Roll of Insight

I know this will come as a surprise, but I’m pretty particular about things in my kitchen (and elsewhere as well). 
If you’ve ever tried to help in my kitchen, one thing you may have noticed is the fact that I am contributing to my very own landfill based on my paper towel consumption alone. Now, these are not just any paper towels one might pick up on sale and thing will suffice. Nope. I like the solid white, create-a-size paper towels. 


Mr. Gray suggested we get a sponge recently. To someone exhibiting slightly less neurosis, that might sound like a good alternative to wasting using so many paper towels. All I can think of with a sponge is wiping germs all around counter or dish. 

I use paper towels to dry dishes, to clean counter tops, to wipe Baby Gray’s hands and high chair (and the floor when he makes it that far), to wipe out my cast iron skillet, and so much more!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I use dish towels and dish rags as well, but not nearly as prominently. 
I use dish towels for drying hands and the occasional odd job around the kitchen. 


I use dish rags to wipe things down: get them wet, wipe a surface down, and then off to the laundry room it goes!
Aren’t we all full of insight now? 

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