Through the Door

Mr. Gray and I moved back to this area in 2008 after our stint at A&M. We were part of a small group at our church in College Station, and we were hungry for a way to build up our marriage and connect with other believers in this area as well. We were in a town with no one we knew. It was summer when we moved, so I was off work, which meant I spent my days shopping. Trust me, this is relevant. 

Many days, I found myself at a little boutique in San Marcos. The employees were helpful and friendly. It was easy to shop and chat the afternoons away. One day, my mom was with me, and she struck up a conversation with the owner–she knew her from years back at their previous location. We started talking to her and then to her daughter. 

Her daughter was my age, and my mom mentioned Mr. Gray and I were looking for a couples’ Bible study. The daughter told us that she and her husband, along with another couple led a Heart Group; it wasn’t necessarily people from their church. The group was young married couples seeking God’s presence in their marriages. One couple had a baby, but other than that, it was just couples. Since it was summer, they weren’t meeting regularly, but they got together a few times over the summer. We weren’t able to make it any of summer meetings, but when they kicked off their regular Heart Group times that Fall, we were there. This was an amazing group; it did wonders for our marriage and we developed some amazing friends. 

Group Shot

This Fall, we met for the last time as a large, collective Heart Group. With kids, schedules, and growth, it was time to move on to new groups, ministries, and callings.

Mr. Gray and I prayed over what to do next. We have come to love our time with other couples seeking the Lord. We attended a Rev Group this past semester, but we continued to pray about what our role should look like. Starting this evening, we will be leading a Rev Group. We will be able to use the skills we learned in our Heart Group and minister to others in their walk. I look forward to this next chapter and what it holds for us and our marriage.

By the way, the boutique? The shop where I now help with marketing and accounts payable. The owner? Happy. The daughter? Honey. The lone baby of the group? Shooby. The amazing friends? Many of them are pictured above. We are so grateful for our Heart Group and all that it brought us. 

It’s amazing what walking through a store door can do–sometimes it’s just the door God needed you to open to find some amazing opportunities.

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  1. LOVE this! We miss our heart group! We learned so much during our time with the group! Good luck as leaders. Our group out in VA has been amazing as well. Nothing like doing life with other believers who are cheering you on in your walk and in your marriage!

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