Here, Piggy

Yesterday HEB had me turn my whole meal plan upside down while I was shopping. I bought a pork tenderloin (it was their Healthy at HEB special this week) to have for dinner tonight. I don’t usually care for pork, but Mr. Gray does, so I went for it. 

Pork Loin

I stuck the tenderloins (there were two in the package) in my Le Cruset, added a pack of Italian dressing mix, and topped them with shredded brussel sprouts and a can of (undrained) diced tomatoes. I baked it for about thirty-five minutes on 425 degrees. 
We had pasta with thyme and olive oil along with the vegetables and pork. Mr. Gray loved it, and I was glad to have a little change of pace.

Pork Loin

Baby Gray wasn’t too sure about the pork, but he loved the pasta and tomatoes. I love that the picky toddler stage hasn’t hindered him too much in the variety department.

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