Have Yourself a Relaxing Little Christmas


I would like to say I took a break from all things electronic while Mr. Gray was off work the past few days; however, I mostly just took a break from all things writing. I read on my iPad, updated and emailed for the shop via my iPhone and computer, and kept up with friends’ Christmas adventures via Facebook and Twitter using all three. I did try to keep my gadget-ing to a minimum, though.

We stayed in a house in Wimberley that was once a church. It had been moved from its original location to its present location and made into a home. Mr. Gray and I love things like that. They had photos documenting the move and some of the renovation process. The old-style fixtures reminded me of my childhood home and reminded me of some of my favorite style elements.
It was fun to get away with our whole family. We shopped in town a little and tried to go to the trail of lights. Mostly, we ate. Yum! I loved that Mr. Gray had some time off to spend with us without working remotely, which he does sometimes when we’re out and about on weekdays. 

Christmas celebrations, dance recitals, and more coming soon (I haven’t had my camera and computer in a convenient enough location to upload photos yet).

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