Christmas in the Kitchen

Last night, after Baby Gray hit the sack, I ventured to Hades WalMart to finish gathering all the supplies for our fourth annual Christmas shindig. Have I mentioned how much I hate that place? I’m absolutely certain I spent a minimum of sixty dollars more than I would have had I gone to HEB. I’ve compared their prices before, but I have never felt as ripped off as I did when I checked out last night.
Christmas Cooking

Chocolate and Sugar

Anyway, I survived Hades WalMart, and spent most of my morning in the kitchen. Christmas goodies sure come from healthy looking stuff, huh?

I had no idea how productive I was going to be able to be. Usually, I start cooking while Baby Gray is in his high chair having breakfast. Then I go back and forth and monitor things while we play. This morning? He wanted to play independently. In fact, he only even came to the gate to show me something once or twice. Another time, he came over and asked for a snack. Overall, though, he played, laughed, danced, sang, and enjoyed himself while I cooked. We are so blessed with such a good-tempered boy! I got everything done that I needed to do–for the whole day!

By the way, any guesses as to what I made?

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