What a Turkey!

Some housekeeping: 
I noticed as I posted that I went in reverse-chronological order: my birthday, the game, Thanksgiving day (I’m getting to that). Oops! Mostly, things were crazy, and I wrote about the ones that had the fewest photos first. That’s why Christmasday is still pending. It has the most photos. It was the most exciting, and I’d have rather written about it first.

Now that that’s all cleared up (I know everyone was concerned). 

Our Thanksgiving was a little different this year. We went to Austin to hang with the family Wednesday evening and left from there Thursday morning to head to College Station. 



Just because we weren’t going to be with Baby Gray for Turkey Day didn’t mean he wasn’t outfitted with a thematically correct shirt. Didn’t he make a cute little turkey? I didn’t have time to applique this one; it’s just fused with Steam-a-Seam2 Light. That’s what I use for all my stuff because it’s not as bulky and stiff as the other (Nonna also said it doesn’t gunk up your needle). 


We headed to College Station for Thanksgiving lunch with the tailgate family, and Baby Gray had lunch with Annie, Aunt Cookie, Uncle L, MK, and Dani at the Hyatt. Fancy! He danced and sang while they ate, and didn’t eat much traditional fare. He stuck to waffles and other breakfast foods they had available. 

After the game, spent the night in College Station, then headed back to Austin with the family for the day Friday. We went to Moonshine for some birthday dinner (YUM!) and then wandered around on South Congress for a bit. We intended to take Baby Gray to the parade on South Congress Saturday morning, but it was a much-needed rainy morning, so we skipped it.

We headed home Saturday, and I napped the day away while Annie and Mr. Gray hung with Baby Gray. Then it was off to another birthday dinner before we came home to rest up for Christmasday!

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