We Wish You a Toddler Christmas

Christmasday is less than a week away! I can hardly stand it! This year, though, with Baby Gray into absolutely everything, I’m pretty sure our Christmas decor will look a little different.

We started our planning our decor placement yesterday afternoon, so hopefully by Sunday, we’ll have most of the kinks worked out. We’ll only cut down one tree this year (we only did one last year, but I like it better when we have two). It’ll go in the kitchen since Baby Gray doesn’t spend much time roaming around in there. Our two artificial trees are usually just accents, but they will be our main trees in the living and dining room area this year. They’re pretty sturdy, they don’t have ornaments, and I’m not concerned about him pulling them over on himself. It’ll be very different not having our big tree in the living room, but I don’t want the Christmas season to be filled with redirection. Baby Gray is in a phase where it is very funny to continue to do things when he’s asked not to, so I don’t feel like the temptation of the big tree is a very good idea. It’ll just end up being frustrating for both of us.

I have also seen ideas for felt trees with felt ornaments children can peel and stick. I may make him one to go on a blank wall in the living room area, which is where we spend most of our time during the day. That way Baby Gray has some “ornaments” and decorations he is allowed to play with. I want him to love celebrating the Christmas season as much as I do.

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