The Lights

Friday night. 
The lights. 
I hadn’t thought much about Friday night lights (aside from the TV show, but that’s a whole ‘nother story–man, I miss that show) until tonight. Our hometown was 11-0 playing in the second round of the playoffs. Our hometown isn’t historically a championship contender, but you’d never know it by the fans. 

I’ve been out of the Friday night lights circuit until tonight. I mean, I check the scores late Friday night or early Saturday morning to see how things went, but when T & L bowed out of the football scene, so did I. I think I’ve been to one Friday night game since Mr. Gray stopped playing. 
Tonight, though, it was different. The whole town was at the game, it seemed. Mr. Gray went. I refreshed my Facebook status repeatedly waiting for football scores. It makes me miss it. It makes me excited for Baby Gray to be in the Friday night lights.

There’s just something about the feel of it all. There’s just something about the lights.

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