One of the Boys

This was Baby Gray’s second Opening Weekend, but the first he got to really take part in. 

We kicked it off Thursday by heading to get him a pair of boots. You can’t hang out at The Ranch without your boots! 



We tried on several pair, but these were the favorite in the end. He wore them around the house Thursday to practice walking in them. As you can see, they coordinated nicely with his athletic pants and t-shirt. 

Friday afternoon, we headed to The Ranch. Baby Gray was all decked out in his boots, jeans, and camo. We made a few visits in town before going to the country. Everyone loved his little boots! 

Buckle Up

When we got to The Ranch, T-Paw took us to look at the new roads in the back. We loaded up in the Jeep, and Baby Gray sat with me in the back. He wanted to sit in his own seat, so I buckled him up to keep him still (in case you were wondering, it didn’t work). He was getting a little sleepy as we rode, so I did what any good parent would do when their kid whines in the back of a Jeep. 





I rolled the windows down and let him hang his head out to look at the cattle! Of course! (Disclaimer: we were on private roads with no traffic and in the back seat away from the airbags. My child always rides in a cars seat for regular travel.) He pointed at each cow we passed and looked at everything as we rode. 

He explored the pig Mr. Gray was skinning, checked out the fire, and dug in the dirt. 

Bucket o' Balls

T-Paw had a few buckets and some golf balls that came in handy while we were outside. Baby Gray dumped them, put them back in, chewed on them, and threw them. 

Since we were at “deer camp” he even got to go to bed without a bath–just like the big boys! 


Saturday evening, we packed up and headed home. Baby Gray was sad to say good-bye. I can’t wait until he is old enough to go have a few “Mad Days” with Daddy.

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