It’s My Party

Today I had a party. No invite? Sorry. It was a party of one. For as many great parties as I’ve planned, this one sucked. I had myself a little pity party today.

I know what set it in motion, but it took me a while to shake it. My grandma said once, “It’s nice to have an invitation to turn down.” I don’t think I got what she meant when she said it, but I got it today. While the situations aren’t exactly the same, the meaning rings true.
People assume we can’t, or won’t, do things because of Baby Gray. Instead of inviting us anyway and at least letting us know they thought about us and wanted us included, they just don’t invite us. We didn’t stop having friends or start wanting to be home-bodies when Baby Gray came along. We have great baby-sitters; they love our son and care for him well. We also have an exceptional child; he can go and do quite a lot. Unless we’re already booked, there is very little reason we wouldn’t love to join you. (Please note: I’m speaking only for myself here, even though I’m including Mr. Gray with my terms; he did not have a pity party today, or ever.) 
My party is over now, and I don’t plan to host another. Sorry I didn’t invite you; this is one I wish I would have missed out on myself.

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