It’s Friday, Friday!

Most of my brain still works in teacher mode. I always made Fridays a big deal in the classroom. We had Fun Friday and Friday Fun Dance, among other things. Now, we have Playnastics on Friday to set it apart from the rest of the week. 

photo 2.JPG

This boy loves his time at the gym! He likes to hoard a few toys, and, last week, he headed to uncharted lands: 

The trampoline! My sweet boy was lovin’ the trampoline. I can’t even count how many times he wobbled down that trampoline track. He would climb the stairs by himself, but then I’d help him stand up. As much as he bounces in his bed each morning, I can’t believe he didn’t try to jump some.

At the end of Playnastics, even after the bubbles, we got to use the parachute! Each age group gets a chance to “pop the bubbles” on the parachute. He loved it–until he saw the trampoline was unoccupied and toddled back over there!

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