Tamin’ Wild Mustangs

In lieu of creating a myriad of posts all dedicated to the first Aggie weekend of the year, I’m going to cram it all into one plus a recipe post–oh, and a cute DIY post! 

Fall is always a fun, but busy, time of year for the Gray household. We spend our time traveling back and forth to College Station, baking, cooking, and 12th-Man-ing our weekends away. Our Aggie weekends are so much fun. 

Last year, I saw a great foldable wagon that I wanted to tote Baby Gray and our supplies from the car to our tailgating spot. We looked and looked but never found it. A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Gray and I found it! 

Baby Gray and Rooster took it for a spin in the house Friday evening to make sure it was up to tailgating standards. Baby Gray loved it! Rooster was indifferent. 

After a quick brunch at Cracker Barrel, Baby Gray got his football and was ready for the game. 

When we got to the tailgate, Miss K and Baby Gray rode the wagon ’til the wheels fell off! Not really, they rode until Little J got there, then we loaded him up, too. When I decided I was done pulling the wagon (it was time to eat), Little J and Miss K pulled and pushed each other around some more. The wagon was definitely a worthy tailgate investment!

Baby Gray did wonderfully at the game! He ate a few snacks, watched the lights and the people, read the program, talked to all the neighbors, and had a big ol’ time! It was way past his bedtime, but he made it the whole game. 

He didn’t even give it up when I strolled him from Kyle back to the tailgate spot. He didn’t want to miss one single thing! I strolled him around a while after we got back to the tailgate spot. He finally fell asleep in the stroller while we waited to break everything down. He crashed in the car seat and went straight back to sleep after his bath when we got back to the house. We’re so blessed to have such a flexible little guy!

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