Mom’s Secret Workout

When I was teaching, stay-at-home moms would come to pick up their children in workout clothes. I never really understood why they needed to be in workout clothes all day long. Plus, some of the moms were clearly not working out.

I didn’t come to appreciate the benefit of workout clothes until I was staying home myself. When we aren’t going anywhere, I don’t see any real reason to get dressed up to play on the floor all day. However, when someone comes to the door at 2:30 pm, it’s pretty embarrassing to be in your jammers. 

Enter: workout clothes. 

Now I can be “dressed” while staying comfortable enough to play with Baby Gray. If someone comes to the door, no problem. Workout clothes are totally acceptable for answering the door. I don’t generally go out in public in them, unless I’m really jogging or working out, but they are great for being at home and being “dressed” at the same time. 

No wonder Pioneer Woman is always talking about not wanting to leave the ranch or her yoga pants!

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