Make it a Meat-Filled Monday!

I “like” a few food pages on Facebook. They always have Meatless Monday posts. Now, I don’t really care if people eat meat or not, but I feel like meat, especially red meat, gets a bum rap. 
Obviously, fruits and vegetables provide so many things a body needs. Meat, though, can add value to your meal as well. I’m not talking a greasy hamburger, a chicken friend steak, or other foods like that. Furthermore, I’m not out to take on the world about this, but I can promise you that there are cuts of meat from particular carcasses that are not harmful to your Monday intake (certain breeds are as lean as cardboard grass-fed without wasting the space).

Mr. Gray is definitely the one who is versed in this, since it’s part of his job and all, but I wanted to throw a vague, disgruntled post out there for you. 

For more information on beef,  click here.

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