303 days. 
That’s getting so close to 365. Baby Gray is ten months old today! I still can’t believe how fast time is moving.

The older he gets, the more he entertains us. Just in the last week or so, he’s picked up a few new “tricks” that he uses to show off. 

He can wave hello (sometimes; this one is pretty sketchy).

He waves good-bye to everyone and everything he moves away from. He’s still got that hand turned in (it’s what he sees when we wave at him), but he’s a waving machine!

He can give a high five. This one he picked up on at swimming lessons. Miss Alexis had them high fiving all the time! 

A few other things we’ve got going on at ten months: 
  • He’s got two teeth. 
  • He wears 12 month (sometimes 18) clothes. 
  • He sleeps from 8:00 until about 7:00. 
  • He gets super excited when Daddy comes home in the evenings. 
  • He is almost signing milk and he recognizes the sign for milk, water, and eat.
  • He crawls with one knee and one foot–I’ll have to post a video. He looks like a little monkey! 
  • He pulls up on everything. 
  • He likes all foods that have been introduced to him; he is a big eater! 

It’s been so fun watching him grow and learn. He amazes us with something new everyday.

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