It’s Been a Long Time

Early Sunday afternoon, I got a text message that appeared to be from one of the college girls who sometimes watches Baby Gray. When I opened the message, though, I found a great surprise!
It was from one of my former kindergarteners (who also happens to be the college student’s little sister)!  What a sweet message it was. She told me how much she missed me and caught me up what her life as an almost-fourth grader is like. As I read each text throughout our conversation, I could hear her saying each word in my head. That was my first year teaching kindergarten, and I only had 14 students, so I got to know each one of them very well.

I still run into my old kindergarten teacher from time to time. She knows what I’m doing, where I’m living, and everything else. I hope I can keep up a relationship with some of my kindergarten kiddos from along the way. I’d love to know where they are and how they’re doing. I don’t mean to exclude my other students; I’d love to know about my pre-k and third grade kiddos as well!

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