He Never Fails

This week, I posted about the plan and taking a behind the scenes look. Would you believe that the evening of that post He did it again? 

Most of the people who lived in Papa & Grammie’s neighborhood when I was younger were empty-nesters. Their kids were grown and gone, but their grandchildren, like me, would come to visit on occasion. One such family lived two doors down. One of their granddaughters was (is) my age, and we played when we were both visiting grandparents. I saw the grandmother last July at Papa’s funeral. 

Thursday, Annie was working with some of her Sunday’s Child photographers and started checking out their work when she got back to her office. She recognized a family on one site as some old (from long ago, not age) friends from her hometown. The photographer is the little girl I used to play with while we visited our grandparents! 

We’ve since emailed, found each other on Twitter, and started following each other’s blogs. She has an amazing heart for ministry and furthering the Kingdom. She and her husband are on an incredible journey to bring home their little boy, Camp, from Ethiopia. You can read all about it on her blog; she has documented many of the big moments in the adoption process there.

I love the ways God works Himself into every story and connection in my life in such a real and visible way. It’s so cool to watch Him work! Nothing is abstract about what He constantly unfolds to me.

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