A Gander Behind the Scenes

I’ve written about Papa & Grammie a few times. Lately, especially with the anniversary of Papa’s death approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about the order of things. I had all four of my grandparents for more than half my life (so far, that’ll change, I know, but I’m soaking it up while I can). For most of my childhood, I also had two of my great grandparents.

While I know I am not called to make sense of God’s plans for life, I have to wonder how the plan is formulated. GM was in quite poor health for a while, and she is the last of my grandparents living. Fortunately for us, GM is now doing very well and is more active than she had been for a while. She went on a “tour” with Baby Gray and I the other day as T-Paw navigated some improvements we’ve got taking place. She’s traveled to our home, to lunch on numerous occasions, and thought about obliging some other invitations that she would have immediately turned down previously. It is such a blessing to have this time with her! Who would have guessed all those years ago that she’d be the last one standing? 

It’s not just the life and death matters that strike me this way. When Mr. Gray and I first moved here, I decided to help with VBS at the church up the street. The lady who contacted me was a kindergarten teacher at the school where I had been hired to teach kindergarten less than a week before that phone call. The kindergarten teacher? Mrs. Fix-It! She is such an amazing friend and a huge part of my life. It is so funny to think back to the way it was all so planned an orchestrated, even when it wasn’t. 

I could tell dozens of stories about the fun of looking back to see where God’s hands played an integral role throughout my life. Some of my nearest and dearest friends started from a harmless shopping trip; maybe it was more than just one trip. It’s the behind the scenes that amazes me the most.


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