Surprise! It’s the Big 6-OH!

Aunt Cookie’s 60th birthday fell the Sunday before MK’s graduation. Since everyone was going to get together for MK’s graduation, Uncle L gathered the troops and turned it into a double celebration–MK’s graduation and a surprise 60th birthday party for Aunt Cookie! 
 Everyone was there plenty early in order to get ready to surprise her. The funniest thing was that almost everyone, remember these are Aunt Cookie’s closest friends, said they didn’t call her on her birthday (five days prior) because they were scared they would spoil the surprise. 

Aunt Cookie, Uncle L, Annie, and their Horn friends came out to The Lost Parrot to check it out for MK’s graduation party before going to dinner elsewhere. Originally, Aunt Cookie walked up on a balcony and saw everyone, but I had my short lens on, so my photos weren’t very clear. This is her surprised face as she’s actually really seeing us all up close and personal. 

We ate some delicious cake (I may or may not have made it). 

Baby Gray partied until he conked out on the patio in his Pack ‘n Play. Mr. Gray snoozed a little, too.

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